What our Customers say...


"I was very pleased with SERVPRO. We had a major flood in our medical facility at midnight this weekend, and SERVPRO arrived one hour later to begin cleanup. They have been here every day since, and we are so happy with their work."

They did a really good job. They were professional and courteous. I am really pleased with how the work went. I had used SERVPRO on a previous job in my home, and they always do a really great job.

Friendly, professional & extremely knowledgeable staff with timely service and great rates!! 6/5 stars!!

Excellent customer service! Thank you so much for helping my husband and me when we needed it most!

I, along with Prestonsburg Parks & Recreation, and Archer Park, appreciate SERVPRO for helping us in the completion of a complimentary emergency readiness profile for our business. I would also like to thank Amber Middleton, who organized and completed our profile, for her professionalism, courteousness, and taking the time to help us being prepared in case of any emergency.


"You all are doing a tremendous job. So much better than the previous company. We had a little hiccup on the first cleaning, but you responded quickly and took care of it without any issues. I appreciate you as a vendor and do not want to lose you."

"Your response time to our Somerset store fire was impressive. Kroger was pleased at the corporate level and the local management team was satisfied and appreciative of your work. You got our store back to business quickly. Thank you."

"The work SERVPRO did went good. It went great actually!"

"I was very pleased with the service. The young man who came out to do the work from SERVPRO worked very hard, and he did a great job on our mold clean-up. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone."

“Excellent care for house and customer. Wonderful experience with our fire damage.  Thank you.”

"Everything was great. SERVPRO showed up quickly, and it all went well!"

“SERVPRO is amazing. They have been there for our apartment complex so many times no matter what the disaster may be!”

"I just wanted to thank Morgan and the SERVPRO team for all they have done for my church and community over the past month. Her smile and ability to reassure us things were going to be okay made the difference for us. I don't know that I met the owner, but I wish I could tell them how special Morgan is. What a blessing Morgan and the SERVPRO team were to us." 

"We wish to express our appreciation to Production Manager Cecilia for all her hard work, and especially for her prompt response to each of our requests. Cecilia is a credit to her company, and we hope they appreciate her excellent customer relations. Not many companies are as fortunate as SERVPRO to have an employee with the dedication and demeanor which you exhibited under very stressful circumstances. We hope you come back to visit our island (but not following a hurricane)."

"I have no complaints. They took good care of our soft contents and furniture from a fire damage." 

"This was the first time I ever used SERVPRO, and I was very satisfied. They did a really good job getting all the water up and out of my apartment." 

"Very fast response time. All employees I encountered were polite and helpful. Job well done!

SERVPRO was great. They made it here within an hour after being called! The company slogan, "Like it never even happened." explain their service to a 'T.' Thanks, I am highly satisfied. 

"We called you all and the response time was great. Also, everyone was professional and nice." 

"I think they did a great job. They went our of their way to keep an eye on everything, and I will tell my friends about their great services." 

"The job went as expected. Kind of a rough start, but it all worked out well. I will call SERVPRO if we need them again (but I hope we don't)."

"I called on SERVPRO to get the equipment sanitized and ready for our busy time at the park after the flooding this year, and I couldn't be happier!"

"Great service and super friendly staff! Very helpful and educational, they are so much more than a restoration company! Highly recommended!"

"SERVPRO did a great job! And we would recommend your services, and we would have you back out again." 

SERVPRO is out to help those in need in a time of disaster!"

"On July 15th our Grant Office, and another office on the 2nd floor, received water damage from a bathroom that had a water leak. Our insurance company, KACO, told me to contact SERVPRO and have them to help us with the cleanup. We are truly pleased with the services that we received from SERVPRO and will truly be calling them back if we ever need anything else." 

“It was all just fine. Everything went accordingly!”

“It was wonderful. They came and got the carpet up and out in no-time. SERVPRO made it so we could save time and money, when they restored our home. They did exactly as they said –they gave us a 3-day time estimate, and that’s exactly how long it took, no problems! All in all, it was a perfect job!”

"SERVPRO will forever be my go to call during any storm or disaster. They made a horrible event much easier to deal with, and I can't thank them enough for their quick response." 

"Everything went fine.  It was great.  I couldn’t believe how quickly it was done.  Never thought they would get here so quick.  It was a blessing to get ‘em out here to take care of that.  I will call if I need SERVPRO again!"

"Everything went okay. They came back and checked on it.  I thought that was good. We would sure use SERVPRO again."

"Everything went fine. I would call if I needed SERVPRO again."

"We were very pleased with the meth cleanup service that you provided for us last year.  The crew did an excellent job and were very professional.  We will definitely call on you again should the need arise."

"The SERVPRO team was very nice and did a very good job!"

"The guys from SERVPRO were very professional. They were also very considerate, caring, and compassionate. They did everything that was needed, and in a timely manner." 

“One of the best customer service companies in the state of Kentucky. They are always there when you need them and willing to help! Regardless of the issue! Great people and easy to work with!”

"SERVPRO was very timely in giving us a quote and further in completing the cleaning of the carpets.  Realizing that the carpet is very old, worn, and had numerous stains that had been in place for a long time, SERVPRO did a great job of getting the carpets clean and fresh --looking and smelling.  With the affordability and timely manner in which SERVPRO has dealt with our issues, we could not be more pleased."


"SERVPRO is very fast to respond, when you call for their help!"

"In the process of remodeling my bathrooms, mold was discovered. One call to SERVPRO set the cleaning process in motion. They referred me to an excellent company to check the type of mold. Following that respect, they began the clean-up. All the workers were planned, professional, and courteous. My bathrooms are mold-free! The workers also carefully sealed off the rooms while working, so nothing harmful filtered into the rest of the house. I would highly recommend SERVPRO to my family and friends." 

"Being business owners, we like that SERVPRO offers Emergency Plans. This is a great tool for any and all business owners. It's so beneficial to have in a horrible situation for the owners and employees." 

"One of the first jobs SERVPRO did since I started working here was get smeared and ground dog poop out of the carpet. They were able to get it all up and had the apartment smelling wonderful."

I highly recommend SERVPRO for any size disaster in your home. Water damage, fire damage, mold are their specialty.

SERVPRO of Pike, Floyd, & Knott Counties has been our SERVPRO provider for several years. I have always been very pleased with them but never more pleased than I have been this last half of 2016.  I have become so much more informed of their services by our representative. Their professionalism and promptness is second to none!  Thanks SERVPRO!

Great service and super friendly staff! Very helpful and educational, they are so much more than a restoration company! Highly recommended!

I just wanted to thank you for getting us set up so quick.  After our conversation, seems like the big green truck was in the church parking lot.  Awesome service.  They did an excellent job getting rid of all the mold and felt like we were in a new church when the job was completed.  Thanks again for taking care of us.


"What can I say about SERVPRO?"  A company which responds quickly and efficiently.  Our customers say the team members are friendly and not afraid to work hard to repair damages "like it never even happened!"  Their diversity in cleaning a variety of projects is unsurpassed in our community.

Soft Contents Cleaning Customer "Very Professional. Quality Service"

Everyone was wonderful. You caught me in a moment of sheer panic, calmed me, and took care of everything. Job well done. Thank you very much!

I visited this job site yesterday and was very impressed!

The job site was spotless, the cords were taped down and all the equipment was running. 

Cecilia was absolutely all over it.  Her readings were precise with all equipment indexed and she was taking constant moisture readings.

 This is the best job site I have visited during my tenure at SERVPRO.

 Please pass on the accolades to all who worked this loss especially Cecilia.

Great job!