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Emergency Plan of Action

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

Preparing for a disaster is a lot like preparing for everyday life: planning is key! When getting ready for a long day on the job, you don't want to wake up scrambling to find all of your necessary items. The same goes for disaster preparation! Having an emergency plan to review will make it that much easier to stay safe and prepared for any disaster.

Emergencies can occur unexpectedly, no matter your location! Disasters like flooding, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, power outages, and water line breaks can affect huge populations for days to weeks at a time. The more prepared you are for these situations, the more confident you'll feel when they occur.

Being prepared is crucial to staying safe through any size disaster. If you haven't already developed a plan of action for your home and loved ones, the time to make one is now! Lucky for you, we at SERVPRO® offer emergency readiness profiles (ERPs) to keep your home or business safe and prepared when you need it most. Contact SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties today at (606) 886-3826 to start creating your personal plan of action as well as your ERP!

Basement Flooding Fiasco

2/23/2022 (Permalink)

When we experience periods of heavy rain like we are expected to get this upcoming week, there's always the possibility of flooding, especially in basements. Flooded basements often happen during storm season or a simple rainy day that lasts a little too long.

We know how frustrating it can be to come home to a flooded basement and that's why we want the cleanup process to be as easy as possible! Until we arrive on the scene, here are a few helpful hints you can use to make the situation easier on you and your home:

  • Remove all upholstery, cushions, and clothes for proper drying.
  • Hang upholstery, clothes, cloth toys, photographs, or important documents that were affected with wooden clothespins.
  • Dry all leather and fur separately at room temperature.
  • Attempt to remove excess water by blotting or mopping until we arrive.
  • Use wooden blocks or aluminum foil between any furniture and wet carpet.

The professionals here at SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties are prepared for any disaster, big or small. If you experience flooding in your home or business, don't sweat it! Call us today at (606) 886-3826 and we will make your damage "Like it never even happened."

Water Damaged Drywall

2/22/2022 (Permalink)

Protecting the walls that protect YOU!

When water damage occurs, most customers worry about how things like their flooring or personal contents will be impacted. While we too believe those are important things to consider, make sure to keep your drywall in mind! The drywall in your home is a crucial part of keeping your property water-damage-free.

In regards to durability, drywall is fairly tough as long as you keep it dry. When water is introduced, it has the ability to soak up all excess due to its porosity. This can cause big problems for your home or business. If the areas impacted by water are not properly mitigated, they are more likely to experience mold growth which means more problems for you and your property.

That's why the trained technicians are here at SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties to handle all of your tough situations! Our professionals know what to look for and how to identify any hidden water damage the average eye may not be able to see.

Don't leave your property at risk for damage! Be sure to deal with all of your water damages quickly and effectively by using our team of professionals here at SERVPRO®.

Be Ready for Any Emergency

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

Don't wait for disaster to strike!

It always seems like damage occurs to your business when you're least expecting it. In the face of an emergency, do you know who to call? Do you know who is making the important decisions? Do you know how to contact your local gas or water company? Do you have your local SERVPRO®'s number?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, we've got just what you need! SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties offers a special service to ensure your business is ready for anything! Our Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) service files all of the important pictures and information for your business in an easy-to-use app. The best part about it is this service is complimentary!

For more information or to set up an ERP for your business, call us today at (606) 886-3826, and let's ensure your facility is disaster-ready!

Safely Spring Into the New Season

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

As the ground begins to thaw and the flowers start to bloom, it's time once again to reset our home for a new year! Soon we'll be moving our clocks forward and tidying our spaces, but one task that can't be overlooked is replacing the batteries around our homes. Regularly ensuring that important items like smoke/fire alarms have working batteries is imperative to keeping your home and loved ones safe throughout the entire year. Check out these simple tips to prepare your home for the new year:

  • Ensure you have smoke alarms in every bedroom on every level of your home.
  • Place smoke alarms away from doors, windows, walls, or air ducts that could prevent them from functioning properly.
  • Check the effectiveness of your smoke alarm monthly, ensuring batteries are working and alarms are in the appropriate areas.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms yearly, or more if necessary

By following these tips, you are putting the safety of your home and loved ones first. We hope you never have to encounter issues like smoke and fire damage, but know we are here to help if you do! Contact the professionals here at SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties and let us make your damage "Like it never even happened."

Rainy Day Water Damage

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Kitchen affected by water damage before professional cleaning Water damage happens! Call the experts at SERVPRO® when you need help most!

As spring approaches, we start seeing excess rainfall which inevitably means the possibility of water damage in your home. Even when you do everything correctly, there are still ways water damage can occur. That being said, there are several ways to help prevent water damage in your home before the rain even begins:

  1. Check for any signs of leakage
  2. Seal windows and doors
  3. Clear gutters
  4. Have your basement inspected
  5. Be prepared for flooding

When preparing your home for any rainfall mishaps, don't forget to contact the professionals here at SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties. We know you want the best care for your home and we are here to make your water damage "Like it never even happened."

Super Bowl Leaves Behind Super Mess

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

After a long Sunday of football with friends and family, it's easy to get overwhelmed looking at the party aftermath. Everywhere you look, there's something new that needs to be cleaned: the stain from that hotdog dropped on your couch, the muddy footprints trailing through your house, maybe even the wall your uncle accidentally punched through when rooting for his team.

Whatever the situation is in your home, our experts here at SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties are ready to tackle it with ease! While our business is widely known for handling projects with water and fire damage, we also offer cleaning services for carpets, upholstery, and HVAC as well as reconstruction if that's what your job requires.

Our trained technicians know all the correct techniques and equipment necessary to make your home look as good as new. So the next time you're trying to clean a piece of stained furniture or clean your carpets, remember that there's an easier and more efficient way to get things done! Call us at (606) 886-3826 and let the professionals handle it.

Watch VS Warning

2/15/2022 (Permalink)

Knowing the difference when it matters most!

When a storm rolls into town, the first thing on your mind is how close it is to your home and loved ones. Moments like these remind us how important it is to know the difference between a storm watch and a storm warning.

As stated by Weather Works, the difference between the two is as follows:

  • A WATCH means that current weather conditions could potentially develop into severe thunderstorms or tornadoes and it's important to stay updated on the current weather situation as well as be prepared to seek shelter if necessary.
  • A WARNING means that severe weather is imminent in your area or is already occurring and immediate action should be taken to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

Don't wait until a storm arrives to make sure you are prepared! Be sure to develop a plan of action for your family and have a safety kit ready before the storm hits. This will ensure your loved ones are safe and prepared for anything that comes their way.

Storm damage occurs whether we like it or not. When it does, call the experts here at SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties to handle all of your problems year-round!

Repairing Fire Damaged Documents

2/10/2022 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties, we are not only able to recover your fire-damaged goods such as clothes, shoes, and stuffed animals, but also your more delicate possessions like fire-damaged documents, art, and other priceless items!

There are various stages of our cleaning process for your damaged documents. It starts with separating each document page by page to remove any excess soot, dirt, or other contaminants. Many times, the affected documents or personal items have been impacted by these contaminants and lingering smells. When this happens, it is crucial that these items be cleaned and deodorized correctly before they are returned to you. If the smell is not removed from your possessions, they will re-contaminate your clean home once again!

Fire damage can be tough, but that's why the professionals at SERVPRO® are here to help! Let us make your fire-damaged documents and items just like new again. Call us today at (606) 886-3826 and let's get to work!

Utilizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

Why it's important

When major events like the COVID-19 pandemic strike, everyone begins to see the importance of those workers that are fighting on the front lines to keep us all safe. While they are doing so much to ensure the safety of others, what precautions are being taken to ensure their safety? The answer is simple: PPE.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used most notably to ensure the safety of our technicians and customers as well as ensuring proper sanitation of the current property. Our staff is thoroughly trained in the correct knowledge and use of PPE. This is a top priority for us here at SERVPRO® because, without our trained technicians, we can't complete these tough jobs for our customers.

The use of PPE allows our workers to focus and feel safe on the job, rather than worrying about the possible exposure to toxins or other biologic material. If our staff knows they are safe, they can provide the best possible service to each of our customers. We at SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, and Knott Counties value the safety of our employees and others when we're on the job. So next time you wonder why all of that equipment is necessary, remember that we couldn't do our jobs safely and effectively without it!